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Jurutera Perunding Nusa Sekutu Sdn Bhd [Nusa Sekutu] is a Malaysian locally registered engineering consultancy firm providing multidisciplinary consultancy services, inclusive in , roads & transportation, water resources/supply, sewerage and drainage/irrigation.

Nusa Sekutu is a wholly owned by Malaysian Bumiputera firm, was first established an office in 2002 in Kota Bharu. In early 2007, The Corporate Office was moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to better serve the needs of expanding clients in Malaysia and the neighboring Asian countries. The firm is supported by local professionals, sub-professionals and administrative staff.

For specialist skills and additional resources Nusa Sekutu draws staff from SMEC [Malaysia] Sdn Bhd a large international engineering consulting and project management organization, which has successfully completed more than 2000 separate project in Australia and in 62 other countries for international funding and aid agencies, as well as for government organization and privet sector clients.